Skill Gaming Inc

Company Profile: Forging new, innovative paths in the world of online interactive entertainment. Skill Gaming Inc. identifies unique and innovative opportunities in online skill-based games and builds state-of-the-art platforms to meet market demands. It’s our mission to identify, develop and  apply a new spin to every game we create, resulting in products that excite our players and push the industry forward.


Market Validation

There is an unmistakeable hunger for interactive, skilled-based online experiences which augment the real world. The popularity of fantasy football sites like Draft Kings and Fan Duel are clear indicators of this phenomenon. The remarkable success of iOS and Android app Trivia Crack — over 100 million downloads since 2013 — also serves as proof.

We view these products as impressive starts. They have proved a market exists — that there is an audience willing to pay for these types of experiences. But they have only scratched the surface of what is possible.


Skill Gaming Inc. not only aims to develop original online game ideas, but also novel ways to generate revenue from our ventures. Player entry fees are one source of income – however, other revenue streams exist as well, such as in-app advertisements shown on-screen during television commercial breaks.

We also explore alternative ways we can award prizes to players. In House Trivia, for example, a non-player can list a used item — such as an iPhone — as a prize for trivia contestants. This system allows for hot-ticket items as trivia prizes and also creates a whole new marketplace alternative to sites like eBay and Amazon.