House Trivia

This is a great example of the innovation SGi can bring to skill gaming as a whole. The premise is simple enough — buy into a game, play trivia, have the potential to win some prizes. Allowing outside users to put an item up as a prize — one they might have otherwise sold elsewhere for less — is a fresh new take that should be given a lot of attention.

Knight Games Inc.

Knight Games Inc. aims to revolutionize the way sports fans watch and interact with their favorite sports teams, LIVE, during the actual game.  Since American Football presently accounts for 70% of the $15 billion fantasy sports industry, Knight Games Inc. first game to be released will be Golden Arm Quarterback, targeting this population.  Sports fans playing this game will be able to play LIVE, alongside their favorite quarterback, predicting what plays will come next.  Will it be a passing or running play? Will it be to the left, middle, or right side of the field?  Will it be for a short, medium, or long gain? These are just some of the selections players will need to consider when playing LIVE along with their favorite team and quarterback. No longer will sports fans be passive observers of these sporting events but, rather, right there in the middle of the action, using their skill and knowledge of the sport and their favorite players, to make accurate predictions, which will help them score points and potentially win large sums of money.

Talk about how Knight Games aims to make each and every play an interactive experience. Fantasy football is all about setting a lineup and hoping for the best. In Golden Arm, you have the opportunity to predict the next play before it’s run, and a player’s strategy can change during a game based on how well they’ve predicted.

Revenue Opportunities

Right from the start, Knight Games Inc. will generate revenue from multiple sources. They plan to offer two models for players to utilise:  A “pay-to-play” model and a “freemium” model.  In the pay-to-play model, contestants can either choose to enter pre-selected contests for $2, $20, or $100, playing against anywhere from 100 to 10,000 people from all across the country, for cash prize amounts ranging anywhere from $200 to $1,000,000, with Knight Games Inc. taking 8-12% fee from each contest. In addition, players can create their own customizable contests, as they desire, say for a private office party, a fraternity house, or a group of friends simply looking to have some competitive fun with each other.  In the “freemium” model, anyone and everyone will be able to play along with their favoite teams for free, for a specified length of plays, after which players can purchase in-app tokens to extend playing time and accrue more points, helping them win exciting cash and non-cash prizes for daily, weekly and monthly high scorers. Finally, there are very big advertising revenue opportunities from the games Knight Games Inc will be developing, as they are brining eyes back to the main TV screen in a big way, supporting both traditional and digital advertising sources.

Discuss how each current project generates revenue and the ideas that exist for new, innovative revenue streams. I think you’ll see some eyes light up if you talk about ads during commercial breaks of games, etc. Not something that hasn’t been done, but it typically occurs with free