Skill Gaming Inc. (formerly Gold Cap Resources Inc.) Provides Corporate Update

Skill Gaming Inc. (formerly Gold Cap Resources Inc.) Provides Corporate Update May 26, 2017 – Toronto, ON – Skill Gaming Inc. (EuroNext: MLSKL) (the “Company”).

2015 – 2017 Highlights

In February 2015, the Company terminated its letter of intent with Chile Mineral Fields S.A. which had previously given the Company the ability to earn up to a 90% interest in a mineral exploration property called “Minas Del Inca Sierra Miranda, 111 Region, Chile”. As of the date of termination, the Company had earned a 30% interest from issuing 19,800,000 shares in April 2013. The shares are still issued and outstanding, however are voidable at the discretion of the Company.

Subsequent to the termination of the Chile Mineral Fields letter of intent, the Company spent the remainder of 2015 evaluating other mineral resource projects and was unable to identify a project with sufficient merit to pursue and invest in.

In 2016, the Company expanded its scope of investment criteria and entered into discussions with numerous potential investment targets.

In 2017, the Company decided to pursue an investment in Skill Gaming LLC.

Skill Gaming LLC

In May 2017, the Company entered into an LLC Purchase Agreement whereby the Company purchased a 100% membership interest in Skill Gaming LLC, consideration for the purchase was a $5M USD.

Skill Gaming LLC is a Florida based web development company which developed a beta version of an online trivia platform called House Trivia and owns the domain which will house the final version of the House Trivia Platform which is currently under development.

House Trivia was designed to enable users to compete against each other in trivia competitions in order to win prizes. will host the following two types of trivia contests:

House Trivia Exclusive Competitions

House Trivia Exclusive Competitions are limited to 25,000 players. Entry fees will be $199.99 USD per player, with the first place winner of the contest winning a house valued at $1M USD. Prizes for 2nd and 3rd place include exotic sports cars and cash.

User Created Trivia Contests

User Created Trivia Contests allow users to create their own trivia contests and pledge a personal item (they no longer use or want to sell) as a prize. Items can range from iMacs, iPods, Flat Screen TV’s, Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Jet Ski’s, Designer Clothes, Jewelry, etc… The users can invite an unlimited number of players and choose for these contests to be free or have an entry fee, ranging from $1.99 USD to $199.99 USD.

Additionally, those wishing to create their own User Created Trivia Contests will have hundreds of trivia categories with hundreds of thousands of questions at their disposal to fully customize their contest. With a user-friendly interface, they simply select from the following drop down menus: number of questions, categories of questions, entry fee, number of players, prize, and date & time of their contest. Next, they upload pictures of the prize and enter a brief description of the prize. Once the contest is created, it is posted to the lobby where other users can sign up. The user who created the contest will also have marketing tools at their disposal to invite all their friends and social networking contacts to play their trivia contest.

Skill Gaming LLC projects will not generate Revenue for now while it is still under development, however it will generate large Revenue with double digit Pre-Tax Cash Flow margins, once completed and launched.

The Company anticipates it will launch within 90 days, at which point it will point it will utilize extensive marketing campaigns designed to drive traffic to Some campaigns will use television, radio, email and web-based marketing to create awareness.

Games of Skill vs Online Gambling

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) is United States legislation regulating online gambling. It was added as Title VIII to the SAFE Port Act (found at 31 U.S.C.SS 5361-5367) which otherwise regulated port security. The UIGEA “prohibits gambling businesses from knowingly accepting payments in connection with the participation of another person in a bet or wager that involves the use of the Internet and that is unlawful under any federal or state law.” [1] The act specifically excludes fantasy sports that meet certain requirements, skill-games and legal intrastate and intertribal gaming.

A game of skill is a game where the outcome is determined mainly by mental or physical skill, rather than by chance. A game of skill generally has an element of chance, but skill plays a greater role in determining the outcome.

The distinction between “chance” and “skill” has legal significance in countries where chance games are treated differently from skill games.

Skill Gaming Inc. is solely focused on the development of online properties focused on games of skill in the United States and will not invest in, operate, or develop games of chance and/or online gambling in the United States.

Change of Company Name

In May 2017, the Company changed its name from Gold Cap Resources Inc. to Skill Gaming Inc. to better align itself with its new mission of providing web development and operation of online properties focused on games of skill in the United States of America.

Reverse Stock Split

In April 2017, the Company performed a 1,000 for 1 reverse stock split, consolidating 44,812,661 shares into 44,813 shares.

Changes in Management

In conjunction with the Company shifting its focus from mineral exploration to web development, it appointed Dennis Petke as CEO and Director in March 2017.

In addition, all existing mineral exploration focused management and directors resigned and a new web development focused advisory board was appointed.

Executive Management

Dennis Petke, CEO, President, and Director

Mr. Petke is a qualified Chartered Accountant in Canada, and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of British Columbia (1995). Currently serving as a director and/or senior officer for private and public companies, his responsibilities include strategic and overall corporate management for these companies. Mr. Petke has accumulated extensive experience in the area of corporate finance, including negotiating and implementing private and public company mergers, as well as facilitating private placement, preference share, convertible debenture, special warrant and debt financings.

Advisory Board

Ian Lambert, Strategic Advisor

Mr. Lambert holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in quantitative analysis and computer science from the University of Saskatchewan. His strengths are in the areas of corporate management, structuring and strategic planning, regulatory compliance with both the SEC and Canadian regulatory authorities, public financing arrangements and investor and institutional marketing activities.

Mr. Lambert had been CEO and a director of Trade Winds Ventures Inc for twenty one years, a TSX Venture Top 50 company which developed a multi-million ounce gold project in Ontario. He completed a transaction to sell Trade Winds Ventures to Detour Gold Corporation, valued at $84 million.

Mr. Lambert’s broad exposure to a wide range of business activities includes experience in oil & gas development, marketing, manufacturing, mobile technology, data processing operations and software development, and precious metals and mineral exploration and development. His current positions include: Director, Alliance Growers Inc. (medical marijuana, Life Sciences); COO, Grizzly Discoveries Inc. (mining exploration and development) March 2013 to present; CEO, North Sea Energy Inc., (oil and gas exploration and production), Sept. 2007 to present; Director, Director, MobileBits Holding Corp. (mobile technology) November, 2009 to 2017.

In addition to serving as management of a variety of public companies, he has acted as Chair of several corporate committees, including Corporate Governance, Audit, and Compensation.

He was a founding Director of Quotemedia Inc. QuoteMedia provides enterprise level streaming market data solutions, dynamically updating modules including Stock Quotes, Charts and Analytics, News and Filings, Fundamentals, Investor Relations, Web Portfolios and much more.

Prior to becoming an Officer and Director of public companies, he served several years each as Manager, Systems Consulting for Deloitte Haskins & Sells Associates, and in major companies as Manager Information Systems Development for Cominco Ltd. and MacMillan Bloedel Ltd., and Systems Analyst, Mobil Oil Canada.

Edmund Obasi, Technology and Investments Advisor

Edmund Obasi, Technology and Investments Advisor Edmund Obasi has 14 year of relevant business experience, specializing in public companies business financing and private placements; marijuana, internet and e-commerce related investments.

Mr. Obasi is currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer and Director of Obasi Investment Limited, a private investment company registered in Alberta. Mr. Obasi is also currently serving as a strategic advisor to Alliance Growers Corporation; a Canadian listed globally diversified Cannabis Company developing a Botany Center in British Columbia Canada.

Edmund completed his Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Waterloo Ontario in 2002. Mr. Obasi’s diversified experiences to a wide range of business activities include oil & gas, mining, real estate, Cannabis; Internet & E-Commerce related products.

Robert Carveth, Technology IP and Government Regulations Advisor

Mr. Carveth is a natural leader with effective networks developed in academic, business, government, and not-for-profit communities at the provincial, national and international level. As the Director, Industry Liaison, Office of the Dean of Science from 1996 to 2002, Mr. Carveth increased awareness within the business community and with venture capitalists, facilitating industry access to UBC-Faculty of Science research expertise, facilities and technologies. In the process, Mr. Carveth facilitated the formation of a number of spin-off companies.

As Director, Science Communications, Office of the Dean of Science from 1993 – 2002, Mr. Carveth fostered relations with internal/external communities served by UBC including: other UBC faculties, departments, and administrative units; alumni, primary and secondary schools and post-secondary educational institutions, industry/business communities, government and the public sector. He developed the ongoing volunteer-based Faculty of Science Outreach Program.

Mr. Carveth gained international business experience as the Director of Mexican Affairs from 2005 through 2007 for client Pacific Seafood Group, the largest seafood company in the United States, and as Business Development Advisor to Power Air Canada Corporation, a BC technology company organized to commercialize zinc air fuel cells. Robert Carveth has been the President of Consilium Enterprises Inc. since 2002 connecting innovative technology, finance, and management, for clients in Canada, United States, and Mexico.

Mr. Carveth will act as the Technology IP Advisor and Government Relations Advisor to Skill Gaming, bringing his expertise in provincial, national, and international government, structure, function, processes, regulatory, and relations matters as well experience in early stage technology companies, university research and development, intellectual property, commercialization and licensing.

Current Company Structure


The Company is currently seeking admission to resume trading on the Marché Libre to further the development of House Trivia and pursue additional web development opportunities.



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